Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Son My Missionary

I write about my girls quite a bit. Mostly because I struggle with the idea that they are really and truly growing up. Much to my dismay they are needing me less and less. Today I think we should learn about my son. He's a pretty cool kid if I do say so myself.

He is going to be eight. He is the smartest kid I know. Don't get me wrong here, my girls are pretty spectacular themselves. They are all honor roll kids. There is just something about him that makes him special. He shines. I am pretty sure I know why. He loves Jesus and he doesn't mind telling you about it.

When I tuck him in at night we read. He picks a book he wants me to read to him and then we read from a bible. I say a bible because we have gone through several children's bibles. One of them we got a DVD game to go with it for him to play. While playing that game one day he took a break and asked his dad if we had some bread and some juice. My husband thinking he just wanted a snack got him some bread and Hawaiian punch as that was the only juice we had on hand. He took these and said a prayer and did his own version of communion. He has drawn me a picture of the last supper and told the story to me. At night he says his prayers.

Saying his prayers has been something he has done since he was able to speak. Before that I said them for him. Before I leave his room at night I always say "God bless you and keep you safe through the night. I love you my son sleep well." Recently he has responded with "May God be with you." To which I respond "and also with you." If that weren't enough last night he followed that with "may the warm winds of heaven blow across from your spirit." I don't mind telling you I did a double take. The kid is seven. At seven he has more faith than a lot of adults I know.

When he grows up he wants to be a world traveling scientist. I think that it's a good possibility. At present he is my missionary. He doesn't have to travel to spread the word of God. He need not look any further than his own house. With the older people who get hardened by life and beaten down by circumstances. I am a believer. I cannot remember not believing in God. I've just always struggled with the believing Him part. I'm in a bible study that is called Believing God. It's by Beth Moore. It has rocked my world. I have been reading in my bible study and in a book for my Sunday school class. I've figured out I have some work to do. I have listened to that little voice of doubt for far too long. I don't doubt there is a God. I know God, he's been to my house. I have just always doubted my worthiness. I just could never get passed the idea that He would want Me. I am nothing but a mistake, a sinner, and a nobody. At least that's what I always thought. It's what I was always told. But if I listen to the truth, I know that I may not have been planned by my parents but I was no mistake. I am a sinner but God loves me anyway. I am not a nobody, I am His child and He has a plan for me.

My son isn't the best on any sports team although he loves to play. He doesn't wrestle, he rarely gets dirty, and he takes school seriously. But he will ask you to pull his finger then burp or fart. He blows bubble in his drink, and he sets things on the stairs instead of putting them away. He isn't perfect. But my son loves Jesus. He loves me almost as much. That makes me happy. I tell people that he is like the sunshine among the storm clouds. Raising teenage girls is about like living through a storm. He pulls us altogether. God has great plans for him I believe. I can't wait to see what they are.


Anonymous said...

awww. Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

awww. too cute