Friday, October 29, 2010

Ah Inventions or Why can't I ever find what I'm looking for!

If you will ask my friend Christi, she will attest that I have led her on more than one wild goose chase. Also I'm not a very good shopping companion. In college we would go to Walmart together and I would fill my cart with things, as would she, only to put my things back before checking out. She would be in line paying and incredibly frustrated. I suppose sometimes for me, It's just the walking around and looking at things I like. I don't necessarily want to bring it home. If I bring it home it takes up space or I have to clean it.

But sometimes I get an idea in my head of something I need. Something we really must find because it would be great to have. Then we go in search. I believe the first time this occurred was for my oldest child's second or third birthday. She was crazy about The Big Comfy Couch. You know Loonette and Molly and the Big Comfy Couch! Nothing? OK well nonetheless she loved that show and I thought "how great would it be to have a birthday party with that theme?" So we went in search at a number of party places and department stores to find the gear. You know plates, napkins, cups. Only we aren't finding anything. Not one item of The Big Comfy Couch. So my good friend Christi, who I might add is incredibly patient, turns to me and says, "Heather, this is something you've seen before right? You know it exists right?" To which I reply "Well, you see I haven't actually seen it anywhere. But to be fair, it is a great idea! They SHOULD have it right?" To which she replied, "Seriously? You have had me all over town for something you've NEVER seen before?" To which I replied, "uhh yep." So you get how this goes right? To my credit I did not in fact make it up and another friend introduced me to a catalog called Birthday Express and I found everything I needed in there.

That is the main instance I can recall. If you were to ask her I'm sure there have been more. Today however, I'm in search of a cord. No I've never seen it before. No I have no idea if it exists. But what I need is a cord that at one end has the hdmi and the other end has the cable end. I also need a cord with the hdmi at one end and the three headed component plug at the other end. You know the thing that plugs into the all the accessories for a TV. They always have the three headed component ends but not enough plugs for them at the back of the TV, but the new TVs have the hdmi ports. So my thinking here is that I can plug everything into my new TV if I only have these kinds of cords. Sounds logical yes?

I figure it's possible I'll get some odd looks today on my quest. Like the time my husband said he'd "be the happiest man alive if he could get a PlayStation 2 for Christmas." That was the year they came out thinner. I searched online and in four different cities to find it. With the same response "you will never find it, you know it came out thinner this year right? We have a waiting list!" Well no sir I didn't in fact know that. I know nothing about video games. I didn't even have an Atari when I was a kid. When I was a kid we went outside to play and when we watched TV we got 3 sometimes 4 channels. All I knew was that my husband wanted one and I should get it for him. So at the last stop, I went up to a gentleman and said "please sir, you would be helping me to make my husband very happy for Christmas if you would only allow me to buy a PlayStation 2." To which he replied "well I think you are in luck, we gave people to a certain date to pick them up and I happen to have one I can sell you." JOY! He was very excited to open it up on Christmas. He played it five whole times! Yeah that was time worth spending. He seemed to forget that he was a grown man who worked for a living and had kids who would gladly take it over for him.

Today my claim will be "Please Sir, it's the cords, they are killing me!" So wish me luck!

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