Friday, January 29, 2010

Well Look At That, I'm 10 ft Tall Afterall!

I remember being a kid in the third grade and standing in line for a drink at the water fountain. I remember standing there thinking that I was so short in comparison to the other kids. Well, I'm not much taller now, but I think as we get older and gain more confidence we can feel taller. I know for myself I have had days where I have felt 2 ft tall for having said something wrong or made some stupid mistake. (Never add cold water to a glass dish that has been baking at 400 for an hour) But I digress..There are days though you know? Those days where you wake up and you realize everything has lead you to this morning, and you have slept all night in a nice warm bed. The kids and the hubby kiss you goodbye as they leave for work and school and you look around and think...I have four people, Wow! I had nothing and now I have four people to love and who love me in return. And you know what? I'm happy to be here and today? Today I feel 10 ft tall!