Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Judgement Call

Today I made a judgement call. When I got up this morning the wind was whipping and it was dark. I turned on the news. The weather man said the worst storm they have seen in 70 years was heading through the Midwest. Guess where I live? In the Midwest of course. He said to be careful in high profile vehicles and to be alert to any changes in the weather. So I looked at my three children all dressed for school and I made a decision.

After hearing this news my son immediately got into his tornado pose. The girls looked scared and my stomach started doing somersaults. I knew I could not put them on a bus and send them away. They would be worried and unable to concentrate and I would be calling the school every ten minutes to make sure they were there and safe. So I made the decision to keep them at home at least till the threat of tornadoes was over.

I then proceeded to call the schools and notify them that my children would not be there this morning. The elementary was understanding and fine. But when I called the high school the lady seemed to think I was crazy. Perhaps the only crazy part of the situation is that I chose to tell them the truth behind them staying home instead of lying and saying they are sick. I told her that I didn't feel comfortable sending them to school and that I was keeping them home till the worst of it was over. She said well OK but I'm not sure what they will call that. That statement is what has gotten me so flummoxed. Really? Well lets see, since they were born, even before really, I have been making decisions to keep them safe and protected. I chose not to drink or smoke (which I wouldn't do anyway)I didn't drink caffeinated drinks and I took my vitamins. I chose to breast feed them because it builds their immunity. I put them in car seats till they were old enough to get out of them and I try to feed them healthy foods and limit their sugar intake. I always read to them to build their brain function and introduced them to the arts. I don't send them out after dark without a parent and I put them all in swim lessons so they could swim like a fish.

My point is that every day as a mother we make decisions for better or for worse to protect our kids and keep them safe. I made a decision. Just like I've been making for our family from the beginning. What are they going to call it? Well I suppose I hope they call it that my children's mother made a decision that she thought was best for their well being for the day.

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Jami Jo said...

It was a great decision. I love you Heather!