Friday, July 11, 2008

Dancing Queen or Lets See If Those Chicken Wings Can Fly?

Oh the wonderful world of dance. I love dance I really do I love to watch dance I love to dance my self, although I believe I lost all the moves I once had in the postnatal drip. I can "churn the butter," "start the mower," and do "the q-tip"(think Hitch) with the best of them. However never once in my wildest thoughts and hopes and dreams does it occur to me that I want to, at my age, dance on stage for all the world to see. My children dance. All three of them take lessons they take between them perhaps close to every form they offer. Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Modern, Lyrical, and my oldest daughter's favorite is Tap. I will and do sit and watch them dance for hours in their recitals twice a year. I drive them to practice after practice, I sit and wait and wait till I think I can't do this anymore.
I sit and talk to other mothers who are waiting for their children to get finished and some of them I have gotten to know quite well. Some of them wanted to take an adult hip hop class this last year and asked me to do this with them. I said no. They joined realized how difficult it was, how expensive it was, and perhaps heard my snickering and quit. I believe everyone should be allowed to take a dance class as long as you are taking it for the right reasons, personal growth, exercise, increased energy, making new friends perhaps. Never because you are middle aged didn't get to make a debut as a child and want to relive the "glory years." NO ONE wants to see that! I certainly don't nor would anyone I know. Dance in your kitchen, living room, heck dance in your back yard you own it who is anyone to judge what you do in your yard as long as it doesn't break any codes or laws, go for it. Personally I dance when no one is around in the privacy of my privacy fence when I'm almost certain no one is around to see me, even my children, who by the way find my dancing hideous and a complete embarrassment.
My point and I do have one, unless you dance as well or better than the dance teacher you should not as an adult be in a dance recital for children. Unless you think people need a nap halfway into the show or want to be comic relief. There I've said my peace. From one chicken winged old woman to another save yourselves the costume money enjoy the dance class then watch the kids from the audience like everyone else.

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