Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have you seen this cat?

My new neighbors have a very rambunctious and adorable puppy. They also have a cat. I think. My new friend tells me she has a cat. I've seen the cat door for the cat area. They moved in in October I think. I have been there inside the house. My son plays there frequently. No one has seen the mysterious cat. I suppose it exists in the real world they seem like very normal people. They seem to only have one personality no multiples going on over there. Although they were psych majors perhaps they are just better at covering these things up. Perhaps it is an imaginary cat. Perhaps it is a stuffed cat and they have very active imaginations. I don't know. I will continue on the quest to find the mysterious cat whenever I go there. They really are very kind and generous people even if they have a mysterious cat. So I am asking everyone out there........Have YOU seen this cat? If so send me a picture. Thanks!

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