Friday, July 11, 2008

My Left Arm Returned Now Where Did My Right Arm Go?

Have you ever read the book "Walk Two Moons?" It is a lovely book that I read with my 4th grader this last school year. In the book the mother called her daughter her left arm. She would say something to the effect of "Salamanca Hiddle my left arm." So since we have read this book my 4th grader is my left arm and my 6th grader is my right arm. I suppose I should call them 5th and 7th graders now that is just really hard to admit to. I suppose my kindergartener is my hands or my legs I have no idea. So on with the story. My 5th grader and my 7th grader have both gone to a camp nearby this summer for one week each at different times. My 5th grader went first and had a great time I only received one phone call stating that she was mildly injured and perhaps I could get her to rub a little dirt on it and get back out there as my husband would say. Which is precisely what I told her to do. She was fine and had a great time. When I dropped her off and got out to the car I cried. When we picked her up her sister and I both cried I felt as though my left arm had been missing for a week. My Right Arm gets picked up today. This was her first time going to camp also. A lot harder for her to go than it was for the other one mostly because we made her go. She didn't want to go and when we got there she didn't know anyone there. I received 2 phone called begging me to come get her I refused. After the second phone call I never heard another word from her just a call from a friend working at the camp saying she was having a great time and not to worry she is fine. That was the toughest refusal I have made. I knew once she gave it a chance she would have a great time, however hearing your child cry and not being able to hold her and comfort her was very difficult. It had to be done. I can't wait till my Right Arm comes home today I will hold her and I will cry and she will cry, her sister will probably laugh at us both.

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circling the drain said...

It's hard to let go isn't it. Your doing your job and if you do it well, you let go of their hands while holding on to their hearts.

circling the drain