Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wash, Rinse, Lysol, Repeat

Oh the joys of motherhood. As many of you know my birthday was Tuesday. I don't want to celebrate my birthday it isn't for me something I celebrate anymore. I only continue for the sake of my children. They love it. If there is a birthday going on count them in especially if there is cake involved. So it started out like any other day get up feed the kids. My husband took them to go buy me gifts and I went to go pay a bill. Came home waited to go have lunch with my father and his wife.
So we go have lunch he asks me what do you want for your birthday you didn't call and tell me anything. I say "dad I'm (insert appropriate age here), a married mother of 3 I'm not going to call you and tell you about a toy I just saw on TV." I think if you want to give me a gift you can come over today after lunch and go swimming and spend some time with me and your grandchildren getting to know them. That would be gift enough. To which he says "I have things to do." To which his wife says, "We can do them later." So they came over. Everything was going along fine. Until...(insert scary music of your choice here) One child mom my eye hurts, next child mom my side hurts. OK rub a little dirt on it and get back out there. You don't understand grandpa NEVER comes here unless its Christmas eve. Go play!
Mom of the year right here! So yesterday we went to the medical clinic. The painful eye kid has pink eye and a double ear infection. The painful side kid does not have appendicitis which is good news just a bladder infection. So the days following my fall to the "other side" of life, age wise, I get to wash, rinse, Lysol, repeat. Did I mention my arthritis has kicked in?

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