Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prize Fighter or "A" for Effort!

As some of you may know I'm a bit of a klutz. What you may not know is that I can be very determined. Especially when it comes to beating a piece of machinery. So this story begins with a girl and dream. A dream to get back to the size I was a very short time ago. If you don't know a few years back I spent an entire year working on losing close to 60 pounds. I ate healthier and I exercised daily. I never felt better in my life. I told myself I would never go back. I would stay at it and keep fit.

The problem with feeling great is, once you are there you think you will always feel that way. So you (read I) tend to get too comfortable. Surely a bit of ice cream with fruit won't do much harm. Well just a small piece of cake would be ok. I'll work it off. Then life happens. You get busy and you stop going to the gym. Fast food is easier and you only know how to make about five dishes anyway so you (again read I) eat out more and more. Then one day you wake up and WOW these pants are tight! I must have left them in the dryer too long. That must be it. So you dry your pants in damp dry and they are still tight.

So I decided to take action. I don't like to drive and I was actually unaware I was still a member at Curves (Yes it had been so long I had forgotten, I may have even had a dream it closed. Surely this happens to others). So I started using the wii fit. This seems harmless enough. Until the bloody thing starts groaning every time to step onto the balance board. Then you aren't quite as quick or strong or balanced as you thought you were, and that doggon mii shakes it's little head at you and pounds on the ground in frustration. I couldn't take it anymore. So I did what any reasonable person would do, I went to the boxing selection. What better way to take out your frustrations right?

Wrong! I couldn't get past two stars. TWO STARS? Really? I mean I'm throwing punches here that would make Mr. Tyson himself proud. Why I bet even Mr. Ali would have been impressed with my moves. After all one time about ten years ago I took a kickboxing class to get fit. I know how to throw a punch. Well... I thought I did. So I was punching my little heart out at the end where you get to punch yourself into a frenzy. Well I threw my right. Then I threw my left. Then SNAP! Uh Oh! Ouch, that's not good. So the left elbow snapped the bad shoulder slumped (old college injury that one) and as the days passed the pain increased. Apparently in watching the movie Ali with Will Smith I neglected to take note of the training involved in being able to punch for all you're worth. I also forgot what happened to Wylie Coyote everytime he tried to beat Bugs Bunny. Hence wii fit boxing 1, Heather 0.

Good news though the doctor says and I quote "I am NOT old, I am merely older than I was." I love that! It even made me forgive him for making me cry when he lifted my arm and I felt like it might be ripped off. So here I am in my sling, taking medication that apparently will have me pain free to start therapy in about 10 days. Good news is I did figure out I can type on the laptop with two hands as long as I have the heating pad on. So maybe I won't be a prize fighter anytime too soon. But I think I get an "A" for giving it an old college try (I probably should have remember what happened to the shoulder in college too). That's OK I'm sure I'll remember these things as soon as I remember to take the gynko.

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