Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facebook, Freecell, and Me

I am not good at sitting still. Rarely will you find me just sitting. I will sit and read a book. I tend to get engrossed in a book. I imagine that I'm there, that I'm a character in the book. I see what they see, I feel what they feel. I imagine at times that I can do great things. Of course once the book is placed on the table and I have to be done reading for the day because of course I do have other responsibilities, I'm reminded that there really is very little that I can do or at least do well. At least if you are comparing me to the character in a book.

When watching television I find it next to impossible to just sit and stare at the television. I have to be doing something else besides. I am folding laundry or I'm playing Boggle with my husband. If after the children are in bed, I have my chores completed for the day I will sit down with my laptop and watch television. While I am watching my television show, on DVR of course because I don't have the attention span to get through all the commercials, I will get on facebook. There was a time when I would be playing the plethora of games available on facebook to play. I have all the farms and animals and restaurants. What I found was that in getting involved with all those games, I wasn't actually relaxing and having fun. It got to be too much, my crops needed tending, my animals were going to the pound, it was all very stressful. So I gave it up.

When I get on facebook I read to see how all my friends are doing. I think of something that I find amusing and make that my status and then facebook gets put into the background on my computer. Then I watch my show and play freecell. Sometimes I play this for a few minutes, sometimes I play it until my hotty hubby gets home from work.

I wonder at times how others spend their free time. When your housework is done, because you have taught your children to do work to earn money, and your children are in bed and your husband is at work, how do you spend your time? I suppose I should work out. It is unlikely though, of course, if I didn't get a work out in during the day when everyone was out of the house that I'm going to spend my evening doing so. So I spend my free time either reading a book or watching television while facebook is on in the background of my freecell game. I am determined to get my winning percentage up. I like freecell. There are no imaginary crops or animals to kill, there are no restaurants to bankrupt, there isn't even a little Yoville person who is likely to become homeless because I didn't make it go to work or redecorate her house.

So am I the one most likeley of all my friends to be on facebook? I suppose I am. Which is really quite ironic as I never really wanted a facebook. The main reason that I got a facebook is because my best friend lives well over an hour away. She got one and told me it would be a great way for us to communicate with each other for free. So I guess we can all thank Christi for all my little blurbs on facebook. All those Confessions of a Middle-Aged Drama Queen Status updates, all the movie quotes, all the descriptions of why it's not necessarily good to have me as a neighbor, all the claims of meals gone horribly wrong are thanks to Christi saying how about you get a facebook so we can talk for free even though we can talk for free with our Verizon to Verizon cell phone plan.

So me on facebook is a bit different than others. The way I figure it, no one really cares about what I had for lunch unless it was truly amazing. If it was as sometimes it is, I include a picture of it. No one really cares about meaningless drivel. So I like to tell a story. I am a happy person. I enjoy my life and feel very blessed to live the life I have so I won't be complaining on facebook about how the entire world is against me. As I see it I'm blessed to wake up in the morning as I'm not guaranteed a single day. So I sometimes think of things to inspire, sometimes I think of things to make people smile. I guess in my mind I think that perhaps if at one point in a day I was able to make someone smile who may have been having a bad day then that day was a day well spent.

So... what do you do in your spare time?

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