Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You do have a man to build that right?

In our quest to get our home the way I've always dreamed it to be, I have spent more time in home improvement stores than I care to remember. The task at hand at present is to build new shed doors. I not knowing my own strength ripped one of the doors off of the shed last winter in my then quest of getting the Christmas tree into the shed and out of my house. As soon as Christmas is over I'm ready to be done with the excesses of the tree and all the other decor involved. My shed is ten years old and the doors were already starting to dissolve in that way that they do with years of weather and animals trying to pry their way in and out of the elements. So when I and my two daughters went traipsing around the yard carrying the tree (yes it took three of us to carry it, have you carried a tree lately) to the shed I was not in the mood for it to be stuck. So in my infinite wisdom I pulled with everything I had thereby pulling it from the hinges. This is a long way of telling you that I am now building new shed doors.

Yes me, not my husband, not a contractor, just little ole me. The reason for this development is that I do not like being told that one of the afformentioned men should take care of something so simple. After all how difficult should it be really? Yesterday I went to the home improvement store in town and asked for the wood and had them cut it to the right size. For me I figure that's the hard part. I know how to use the drill I can put the pieces together. When discussing with the gentleman helping me that I wasn't sure about brackets I said "well I'm sorry I don't know the answer to that question. This is what happens when you send a woman to do a man's work." This statement followed by my little chuckle then prompted him to say "You do have someone who is going to do this for you right?" I said that I did have a husband and that he would probably do the work. But I didn't know what brackets to get I would just come back for them later. The look of relief on his face is what prompted the following.

When I got home I got the drill out and started putting the doors together. I figure that all I need now is to go get six new brackets with the appropriate screws and a lock to hold the doors shut. I will put this together and perhaps use paint making a sign for the doors to say "doors put together by a woman, feel free to gawk in awe and wonder at your leisure." I think there are plenty of women in the world today that can follow simple instructions on how to put things together. Even if said instructions are given or written by a man. In our home we usually put projects together side by side. Someone has to read the instructions after all. And all things being fair he is better at the things that require more muscle.

Today as my husband left for work I told him that I would have the shed doors done when he got home. He just chuckled. I think he gets a kick out of my willingness to attempt things, someone has said I couldn't do. But then perhaps he just is like me and would rather come home and it all be done. I personally hate to organize. He is rather good at it. I would rather not know if he throws something out in this task, only come in and see it's done. I suppose this is me paying him back...no this is me wanting to go back to the store and tell the man that the doors are fabulous and were built by me, and me alone.

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