Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learning to make a list

My home improvement list is dwindling. I take this as a sign that the time is coming when I will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. There was a time when there was so much to do that it seemed that we would never be finished. Today I reflect that soon it will all be finished and then what will I do? The list of things to accomplish is going to be revamped. I still need to build a house for my cats who much to their chagrin have been ousted from the inside of the house. My new shed doors are lovely and once I have them painted I intend on taking pictures to show at family events and also to the man at Lowe's who wanted to be sure that I had a man to build the shed doors.

Writing lists is something that I have never excelled at. Grocery lists? Forget about it! Shopping lists in general, nah! Exercise rotation, budget, household chores, yard work list, none of it has ever really appealed to me. Daily schedules do not happen. I tend to get through a day and wonder where the time went. Which is why I need to learn how to make a list. So in order to get started with my list writing skills, I've decided to start with the top ten things I'd like to accomplish this fall/winter. So here we go.

1. Paint shed doors (Nothing says new like a fresh coat of paint)
2. Build cats a new home (Nothing says we still love you even though we don't want your pee on our new carpet like a home of their own. Right?)
3. Catch up on all my scrapbook photo albums (We should probably get the oldest one out of the second grade in the album before she's a sophomore in high school. Correct?)
4. Clean out kids closets (What better way to get rid of things you don't think they need anymore, than to clean the closets while they are in school? Anyone?)
5. Get the MOTS mothers of teenagers group up and running
6. Volunteer at Cancer Services
7. Become more adept at decorating this blog (There are so many things I'd like to add, but lack the know how on how to do it. Perhaps I should do what my son does when he can't figure out how to win his video game. He just looks it up on you-tube.)
8. Lose 15 lbs (goodbye desserts)
9. Stick to the budget (I realize this should be number one, this is also why number eight will be so so difficult)
10. Read at least one book a week (This should be a breeze unless I get tangled up in stickers and colored papers doing the scrapbooks or get injured cleaning the kids closets. Or I get so frustrated with dieting that all I can do is sit and look at picture books of food I can no longer partake.)

As you can see this doesn't seem like too difficult of a list. It should be accomplished fairly easily. I just have to make a daily list of what I'm going to accomplish for that day hour by hour. Including all the regular things like cooking, cleaning, caring for the children, running to various games and practices with the children, helping at MOPS, and maybe I'll even throw in a bit of time for writing. After all a manuscript might be fun. Why I may even get a bit crazy and learn to cook something somewhat edible.... Nah lets not get too carried away. That there is crazy talk.

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Chris said...

I love what you have done with your blog!