Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sergeant Major Mommy

I have figured a solution to every problem we have. The country has been run by men for far too long. I am under the impression that if women had been running this country all this time the national debt would be no more, war would cease to exist, and everyone everywhere would be better dressed if not better fed. I should preface this with the statement that I do not hate men, I am married to the pick of the litter and no I have no intentions of running for office. I am just a wife and mother living in Nowhere, USA who has a big mouth and a few ideals of her own she would like to share.

Those of you who are married will be able to commiserate with these truths that I hold self evident. Women, mothers especially are the only ones on the planet who can find things. We are the only ones who can switch gears fast enough to discipline a child and take care of a dead pet all while holding a party in the house. We are the only ones who can talk on the phone while moving which is to say that while on the phone we prepare meals, do laundry, and check homework all while holding a conversation. We plan the parties, we supply food, we make the calls, we run the errands, we run the mom's taxi service, we accomplish this and manage to do it all without a man at home to hold our hand and instruct us on what to do. I do not discredit men who go to work and provide for their families. I thank them. God bless them. Without them I would not be able to stay home and raise my children. However, there are plenty of women in the military and plenty of them involved in politics who are willing and able to make a change.

Who in your home is the one who finds things? The mother. Who should go looking for the bad guys? The women. By all means take the men with you let them do the killing and the blowing of stuff up. But if you want something found from a person to a pair of clean socks you don't send a man in to do the job. You send the mom. If I want a jar of jelly opened I don't ask my daughter to open it I ask my husband. But if I want my brown jacket that is hanging on my side of the closet all the way to the right. I don't send my husband, he will never find it. I send my daughter. If she doesn't find it she will bring every other option and check the laundry till she comes down and says "ok the one you want is in the wash which one do you want?" A man would have come down with a green jacket and claimed I didn't own a brown one. Why are we in debt? We make money every day right? Make some more! Honestly if you run out of underwear you don't just stop wearing it you buy some more. Goodness I realize this is the ramblings of someone who doesn't watch the news and doesn't get the paper. (Why would I read about or watch the things I cannot change when there are so many more entertaining books to read.) I have better things to do. I can't change the programming any more than I can get all men everywhere to figure out which day is trash day and get it to the curb on time, every time. Nor can I get them to get the laundry to drop into the basket instead of just outside it. But really? Does everything have to be that difficult? Life really wasn't meant to be so counterproductive. If you don't have money for new weapons then quit ordering more. If a woman doesn't have money for all the groceries she needs, she doesn't go spend what she does have on her hair. She figures out ways to spread it out and make enough food to feed a family and wears a hat.

You don't hire a plumber to do your electrical work. You don't have the UPS guy pick up your trash. You don't have the guy who trims the trees also trim your hair. You get the right person for the job. You get the person who will get the job done quickly and efficiently and lets face it, for most jobs you need a woman to get it done. How many women make honey do lists only to check off the list themselves. Men are busy. Men work hard for a living to provide the very food you prepare for your families. I get it. But a woman works all day from sun up to sun down cleaning the clothes that they wear, preparing the food that they eat, finding the socks, cleaning the house that they live in. You don't send a woman in to do jobs that they are unable to do. I am unable and unqualified to do welding, chop down a tree, fight forest fires, I also can not walk away from perfectly good ice cream either but I digress. I'm just saying ladies I believe it's up to us. Behind every great man is an even greater woman. Everyone knows who wore the pants in the Clinton administration and it obviously wasn't Bill. Perhaps next time when the need arises we shouldn't send men who will drive around for hours lost because they won't ask for directions. Men who won't find them or if they do will not close the deal. Women are the deal closers.

Disagree, dislike, be disgruntled if you choose to be. This is just my opinion. My husband disagrees he believes in fact that men are the ones who have made this country great. Men have fought for our freedoms, men protect us every day. I don't disagree. But even Abraham Lincoln gave his mother credit for making him the man he is. Let's just remember the wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and nieces along with them.

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