Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Warrior 1 to Corpse Pose My Day in Yoga

About eleven years ago after child number two came along, I thought it would be a good idea to try and shed some baby fat. I joined a gym and got somewhat fit by working the machines and taking kickboxing and yoga classes. Well...then life happened. I stopped going to the gym because why go to the gym when you've lost the weight right? The problem lies in the fact that I'm a stress eater. I'm also an I'm bored and that looks too good to pass by eater but that's beside the point. The fact remains that I did gain weight back and since college have struggled with keeping the weight off. So one Christmas my husband got tired of my complaining so he decided the best gift to give me would be a yoga mat and a big exercise ball. You can imagine my delight when opening up my gifts to find the gift that says "hey honey you're getting a little chunky, why not fix that?" Needless to say he never made that mistake again. The items in question have been in the back of a closet for the last 10 years.

My weight spiked up six years ago when I was eating for five. Don't get excited I wasn't pregnant or anything. I was caring for my mother who was dying of cancer, my husband, and my three kids one of them being just a year old. As I said before I am a stress eater. I ate my portion, the portion I made for my mom that she couldn't eat, and whatever was left on anyone else's plate. Then after everything was said and done. I spent a year losing 56 pounds. Swore I would never go back. I was making the lifestyle change.

Enter three years later after the great weight loss. I've gained approximately 20 of it back. I have not changed my pore eating habits, but to make it a less guilty feeling I've started walking in the mornings again and today I was invited to go to a yoga class a friend was teaching. Which is an a round about way to slide you into my day.

Walk with me if you will into the grand new YMCA that I have never been in. This month they are apparently trying to drum up new members so you can take classes for free. I walk in and say that I'd like to take my friend's yoga class. The first question they ask me is if I've signed a waver. The first thought I think is "does one need a waver for yoga? Isn't yoga supposed to be relaxing?" HA! Shows what I know. It's an amazing thing how the mind forgets isn't it? So I sign my waver and walk in late for my yoga class. Here are my thoughts as I get into class and get prepared. "Hmmm looks like we don't wear shoes for yoga my Skechers Shape-ups won't be toning my rear during this class. The class is looking pretty full already but darn they already saw me I have to go in now. Uh oh they are getting me a mat, I'm in this thing for the duration now. There is no watching. This may not be so bad, we have soothing music, we have my friend for an instructor so she is less likely to make fun of me when I mess this up and fall over causing a domino effect knocking all the ladies down in a landslide. Boy I hope that pizza last night doesn't come back to haunt me. Why isn't anyone wearing a concert t-shirt? I was told that was the required attire. I see no buttons to push if I can't get back up, I wonder what their success rate is of bringing people back if my arteries are too clogged to work this out and my heart just stops?" As you can see I was a little timid about this entire ordeal. So the class is started and I jump right in. I'm not sure how often you have stood in a "warrior" position with your arms straight out at your sides, but let me just say it really is harder than it sounds. Also there is a lot to think about. Drawing your navel into your spine, breathing, keeping your shoulders down from your ears, your knees over your ankles. It's completely exhausting! Then at the end you lay down and are expected to be able to relax completely. How is this possible I ask you? How? My mind is a whirlwind at this point. I laid there and was placing bets with myself to figure out how long it would take me to get back up, IF that was even possible.

One year for Christmas I wanted a wii fit. The first time you get on the wii fit it does an analysis on you. The thing told me that I had balance problems and asked me if I fall down a lot when I walk. I am relatively accident prone. In college I worked in a department store and often ran into the racks of clothing. I have fallen down the stairs more times than I care to admit. THIS is the kind of girl I am. So the mere fact that I successfully finished the class with out causing bodily harm to myself and others is quite a fete. But you know this may not be so bad. I could stand to get a little more limber. It could only help with my fitness plan. Besides I do have my own mat. It's purple, perhaps I could get a cute outfit to wear to go with it. Yes this could be good for me. Plus there is the promise of Starbucks afterward as a reward for not hurting anyone. I look forward to trying it again next week. I'll be the one concentrating on not breaking wind or falling over.

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