Saturday, October 24, 2015

Don't Die Wonderin', Man

In the car this week my husband and I were talking about changes.  Things that have changed and things that for the most part have stayed the same.  My husband graduated from college and went to work in his field of study.  He has worked in more than one location in the last twenty years but the most recent location has been a fifteen years stint. The man has staying power.

I graduated from college twice with different associate degree then went into the business of planning my wedding.  I got married and got pregnant almost immediately after the reception.  OK it was a month later but still.  It was an "OH so that's where babies come from moment."  Protection EVERY time.  Got it!  I have an associate degree in medical assisting and an associate degree in marketing. To be completely fair while I haven't received a paycheck I have technically been working in my fields of study the entire time.  I can kiss boo boos and have garage sales with the best of them.

In the course of the conversation though he said that I was....what was it...a walking news reel?  I have done many different jobs.  Let's see...I have worked retail, medical assisting at an urgent care facility, I made jewelry and wanted to start my own line, visual at a department store, did in home parties and sold lingerie, bank teller, real estate, worked at two preschools, wrote two books, and currently work at an elementary school which is my longest stint yet with it being four years in a row. I have also worked with five teachers two of them being long term subs and a slew of other subs.  In all honesty I never thought too much about it. OH!  I almost forgot my stint working at a bridal shop.

I think today I had a breakthrough.  My husband was saying that he couldn't change things as easily as I have.  I think a great part of that is because I have him.  He is very stable and amazingly supportive.  He was saying something interesting though.  I told him that the reason behind all of that is because I never really figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I come up with something or get an idea and I throw my chips in the middle of the table and go for it.

Breakthrough time:  I might be a genius.  Maybe it's not that I am a flake, maybe it's that ... I have to to do it, I have to quote The Way Way Back here because maybe its a "Don't die wonderin' man" way I'm living my life.  I don't want to die wondering what if.  Let's be real here.  I am not a New York Times best selling author.  I make literally about $40 a year in books.  I don't have my own line of jewelry and I never sold a single house as a realtor.  To be fair though in the greater scheme of things I was only a realtor for about 15 minutes.

Mostly I have been a stay at home mom.  I think that is what I am, with a few side projects.  A little job here, a little job there to make a little extra money for the family.  I work hard when I work and I rest very well when I'm not working at home.  I have one kid in college and another one that is getting ready to go in addition to one who is now in junior high.  I have a household to run, band concerts and orchestra concerts and pep band games to attend. I have sporting events to attend. I have permission slips to sign, I have birthday parties to plan, I have dinner to prepare, and groceries to buy.  I have a house for sale.  I have a few things going on and I have always had a few things going on around here.  So I suppose I never really thought about any of  my jobs and career changes.  Now that I think about it though, I guess I still don't.  When I feel like making jewelry I make something.  When I feel like writing, I write.  Maybe I won't get famous or rich but I won't "die wonderin' man."

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