Monday, September 16, 2013

Restroom Mints

When you work in a school you get very little time to go use the restroom.  In our restroom at school there is a small table that holds a basket of mints.  I have always found this completely fascinating.  Mints in the restroom instead of the lounge.  Do you find it interesting as well?

You go to the restroom to take care of your business, you do your business, wash your hands, and the next thought you have is "I think I need a mint."  I just don't think that way.  I don't take care of the downtown and go looking for mints.  I go have lunch in the lounge or grab a snack and think, "I may need a mint."  But never after using the restroom.  Make sure I flush, make sure my hands are super clean, maybe grab some hand lotion, make sure I am zipped, make sure I don't have toilet paper on my shoe.  Mints?  Not so much.  Maybe that's just me.  

Please do not misunderstand me.  I love the mints.  In fact, at the end of last week I noticed that the mints were gone and it made me sad.  The restroom experience seems incomplete if you can't grab a mint on the way out.  I asked who was in charge of mints.  Apparently no one is in charge of mints.  Whoever feels the desire, buys mints and donates them.  It was suggested that I might find it in my heart to fill the basket.  That would require me to go to the store and actually remember the mints.  I can guarantee that I don't usually go to the store and think, "I need some mints for the restroom."  Sometimes I don't even remember to buy bread if I don't have a list.

I have been to the lady's restroom obviously, but I have never been to the men's restroom.  I was curious, so I asked the principal if there were mints in the men's restroom as well.  Apparently fresh breath is exclusive to the women in the building.  He kind of gave me an odd look too.  I must have been the first to wonder.

Quirky is what we are.  Completely and utterly quirky and I love it.  People have different ways of doing things.  At school we keep mints in the restroom.  I love my job and I cannot think of another place where it could be more fun to go to work.  Also I need to remember to go buy some mints because the restroom experience is not quite as fulfilling without them.

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