Friday, August 9, 2013

Opposites Attract

 Our pastor at church just started a new sermon series about the many names of God.  He has been at our church for about six months now but already I like his style.  He doesn’t use any notes.  This impresses me because I have a tendency to forget what I am going to say mid-sentence.  I will start to say something and get distracted and never finish.  By the time my husband asks me what I was going to say it is gone.  Obviously it wasn’t as important as sharing God’s word but I still have a fear of public speaking.  Or maybe it is more of a fear of being looked at.  All those eyes looking at me, waiting for what I would say, it freaks me out. 

Anyway, I like that our pastor doesn’t use notes but I also like that he breaks things down so I can understand it.  Sometimes the message hits me like a wrecking ball.  I stop and I’m like, “Wow, how amazing is that?”  I have never been good at math or science.  They aren’t my subjects.  My husband is very good at math and science and history.  I prefer English and literature and creative type subjects.  We are opposites and yet we complement each other.  I bring this up because Sunday the pastor used some Chemistry to get his point across. 

Protons, neutron, electrons, atoms, positive charges, negative charges all things that I vaguely remember from school and you can be sure I haven’t thought about since.  I did remember that positive and negative charges like each other and I do know enough to know that everything is made of atoms.  I will tell you that I snuck glances at my scientific husband every now and then to see how it was going.  Normally I would have to ask for the breakdown from him afterward but I followed well…I think.  Protons and neutrons are at the center of a nucleus.  Protons are positively charged and neutrons have no charge so what keeps them there?  It is a mystery until you realize just what it is that holds everything together.  Jesus.

Have you ever had things just fall apart?  Have you ever just been broken?  Have you ever had a hard time just holding it all together?  I have.  Jesus holds the entire earth and everything in it together.   He holds them in the palm of his hand.  The same hands that took the nails when He died on the cross to save you are the ones that hold everything together.  He can hold you together too. 

It was a powerful message as I said before.  I like the messages that shake you up the best.  Thing I hadn’t really considered really came together and when they did I was awed.  I was awed by the wonder of a powerful God.  How amazing is it that we have a God that we can come to and just fall apart?  A God that we can take our burdens to and lay them at His feet and know that He will handle it is a powerful thing.   

What are you searching for?  What are you missing?  Can I suggest that it may be the same thing that I searched for in all the wrong places?  You can search your entire life on earth for someone or something to make you complete but you will always come up lacking.  We are designed and made to make connection with God.  He is the only one who can complete you and make you whole.  What a relief it is when you finally do. 

Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, You, Me, The Earth, The Moon, and everything in between God made them all and holds them all together.  Let Him hold you together too.

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