Monday, August 12, 2013

Bee Keeper

I have a problem.  OK I may have more than one problem but the one I am referring to is bees.  They are still residing inside my shed.  I have made it my husband's job to get the mower out of the shed so I can mow.  (Yes I mow.  I love mowing.  Notice I said mow and not trim.)  I then will leave it out and wait for him to put it back.  Today he had to go to work while I was mowing.  I left the mower and such out as long as I could, but then I started worrying about rain and do I really want to leave the shed open and the mower out when it rains?  I started weighing the options. Like:  Would the rain kill the bees and if it stormed hard enough would it knock their hives off the inside of the shed door if it is left open?  What are the chances of some crazy person using the gas for the mower to set my shed on fire if they go to steal something and the bees attack?  Those bees are either a nuisance or a really great security system.

After I finished weighing all of the options and asking everyone I knew if they had a bee keeper costume (Is it a costume?  Uniform?  Suit?  No clue.) I could borrow to put my mower away (they didn't), I decided to get creative.  I decided that the best way to get the mower put away without getting stung on the back of the neck (again) was to come up with something to wear for protection.  So...I put on my long winter recess coat with the hood up to protect my head and neck, my tall rain boots to protect my legs and feet and some gloves.

At the moment I finished getting ready to go my son came downstairs.  He took one look at me and said, "Really mom?  What are you doing?"  To which I replied, "Going to put the mower away?"  As if it should be obvious what I am doing dressed like I'm ready for snow and  flood.  Hello?  Bees?  They stung me on the back of the neck not long ago.  "You are going outside like that?" he says.  "Uh yeah I need protection from the bees."  (And as my bee keeper costume is in the shop I decided to use my creativity to get it done. I think to myself.)  He just shook his head and went back upstairs.  I went stomping outside and took care of business.  It worked like a charm.

So the bees may have won the first round, but this time I think I figured out how to get around them.  I have a problem.  That problem currently is a family of bees living on the inside of my shed door.  They need to move or I need to move.  Neither of us seems in a hurry.  Until then I have created my own bee keeper costume for getting in and out of my shed. 

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