Sunday, July 28, 2013

Believe, Hope, Love, & Soar

In continuation of the last post, apparently there was much for me to learn from this bracelet.  Only I need to rearrange the entire bracelet.  The last four are Hope, Love, Believe, and  Soar.  That is with me reading them the way I read them.  Only even that is messed up in my mind.  I think we need to rearrange them again.  In fact, I may take the entire bracelet apart and redo it.  First I would put it like this: Believe, Hope, Love, and Soar.  It's close, but for me (as per the norm) I think my way is better.

I think when we Believe, only then can we have the Hope in Jesus and His Love so we can Soar.  I think the Believing comes first.  In fact to take it one step further and to draw from a Beth Moore study I once did I think it's even easier to Believe IN God than it is to Believe God.  But I think when you both Believe in God and Believe God and what He says, it gives us Hope to believe in His Love and in that our hearts will Soar.

I have believed in God since I was a young girl.  Believing in the existence of the creator of the universe was never the problem for me.  In fact, in the existence of a higher power is often times what has gotten me through life.  The problem I have always struggled with is believing God.  Believing that He would Love me.  That as broken and horrible of a person I believe myself to be that God loved me enough to send His Son to die so that I could be with Him one day.  That He thought me worthy when I have always been certain of my unworthiness.  Of all the things in my life that I am certain of, I believe that is at the top.  I have believed always that there is a God and that I am unworthy of His love.  The amazing part is that when you start to actually Believe God and not just Believe In God you find that no one is worthy and we all fall short and His Love is So Big and So Full that He wants us anyway.  Jesus came for the broken and broken is what I am.  By that statement alone, Jesus came for me.  In that I find my Hope.

Let me just say that again, in case you flew past that.  Jesus came for the broken, I am broken, therefore Jesus came for me.  Jesus came for the broken, you are broken, therefore Jesus came for you.  In that we find our Hope.  When we Believe we can find our Hope in the the ONE who was sent for us.  The One that was sent to bind our wounds, tear down our walls or mountains as the case may be, to give us Hope to one day be with our Father.  Once we find our Hope, once we fully Believe and have our Hope we can feel the Love of our father.

God Loves you.  Above all else I want you to know that.  He knows everything about you and He Loves you anyway.  He sent His Son to save you.  That is Love unlike anything you can imagine.  As a parent I love my children.  I tell them that no one can love them more than I do except God who created them in His image.  Above all else God loves us.  I don't know about you but I searched my entire life wanting that kind of Love from my father.  Only I looked for ways for my earthly father to love me and it was futile.  He loves me.  I know he does but he can't love me like my Heavenly Father.  No one can.  No one on the earth can love you like your Heavenly Father.  We can only know that kind of Love from Him.  He designed it that way.  Once I realized this I stopped looking for it from my earthly father.  It isn't fair to him or to me to expect something from him that he is incapable of.  That is like looking for a good comfortable pair of shoes in a gas station.  Futile and not worth your time.

I Believe in and Believe my God for His promises and in Him I find my Hope, so I feel His Love so my heart can Soar.  My heart soars when I feel the Love of my Father in whom I have all Hope and Faith, so I can have Courage to serve Him and bring Him Joy, thereby finding my own Joy.  I just love it when things tie up neatly.  Quite a lesson from a bracelet I chose to wear to church this morning.  Sometimes I guess, God uses a burning bush, other times he uses a bracelet.  Either way He tends to get His point across.  I get so excited when I get it.  I do hope you get it too.

I would love to hear from you.  If I can pray for you or if you would like to learn more send me a message.  I hope that God's messages have helped you today.

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