Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where Do Your Pinterests Lie?

When a friend of mine showed me Pinterest at a football game, I have to admit I just didn't get it. Who would want to just go to a website to look at pictures? Isn't that what Google images is for? Need a hair style? Google hairstyles. I thought there was no way I would ever get caught up in something else online. I am far too busy with facebook and spider solitaire I have no interest in Pinterest.

However, at work the girls kept talking about all these ideas they got from Pinterest. Ideas? They have ideas there? What kind of ideas? So one of them sent me an invitation to join Pinterest. It is a very exclusive thing you know. I know maybe three people who aren't on it. You have to know all the right people to be involved with Pinterest. It's about as exclusive as Words With Friends.

I now have a Pinterest problem. I get on there looking at all sorts of things. You can look at what is popular, you can see what your friends are pinning. You can look at everything and everything by category. I have gotten recipes, preschool ideas, craft ideas, organizing ideas, and even outfit ideas. You can look at all sorts of things. Today I figured that if I have to be in two places at once on Saturday as I do, I should find out how to clone myself. Where does one go to learn how to do that? Why Pinterest of course! I have yet to find it yet but I have high hopes.

I figure if I can't find it on Pinterest surely I can find it on Google and if I can't find it there then iPod probably has an App for that. How to be in two places at once surely is a common problem. I do keep busy like the rest of the population. I am not the busiest nor the least busy. I have a family, I have a home to keep up, I have a job, I assistant coach basketball for my son's team, and I have a daughter who is a musician and is going to competition. I have friends who I like to spend time with, I also spend a bit of time writing. Not to mention all the shows I am behind on, on the DVR. A clone could come in handy.

If I were a Jetson this wouldn't be a problem as I would have a robot to help me. If I were a Brady I would have Alice. If I were at Hogwarts I could use the time turner. If I only had a Delorean time machine I could figure it all out. I am just sure of it. I suppose I should look for time management ideas. Maybe they will have that on Pinterest. Wherever your Pinterests lie you can probably find it on Pinterest or Google or an iPod App. Although surprisingly I couldn't find a Yahtzee game for my iPod touch, so there is that. I think for me my Pinterests lie in wasting as much time as possible to avoid doing what I don't want to. There is a pin that says something to the effect of “when I don't feel like folding the laundry I restart the dryer” uh yeah, that's me. Who doesn't want to look at a bunch of stuff they don't have, can't afford, and will never attempt and put it on boards? It's like a modern version of collecting pins or stamps or postcards. So I have to wonder... Where do your Pinterests lie?

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