Monday, January 9, 2012

Being Human

It has occurred to me this week (not that it never did before) that I am human. I am so excited about this. I am not an alien from outer space, I'm not an dog or cat, I am also not a doormat, step stool, or pack mule. I am also not finished growing or learning and God has a lot left to do with me. What this means is the following:

  1. I make mistakes. So many I am incapable of keeping track of them all. I once drove to the wrong school for a parent teacher conference because I forgot which school my kid was in that year. I once hit the garage while pulling my car in. Just to name a few.
  2. I am not green. I have hazel eyes that have green in them but I am not green. So I do not envy you. I also do not want to take over your planet as I'm from here also.  Taking over an entire planet never works out either I know I saw a Disney movie about that once.
  3. I am not a dog or cat or other pet. I will not sit on your lap and lick your face and I will not follow you around and hang on your every word. Unless you have something interesting to say. I might lick your face if it's covered in chocolate and I'm married to you. Also if you are driving and I'm to follow you to get someplace I don't know how to get to, then I would follow you.
  4. I am not a doormat. You can not step on me. That would really hurt I think. I'm kind of lumpy too so you could trip and fall down. Plus, I'm a bit defiant I grew up to be a rebel so I know how to say no.
  5. I am not a step stool you cannot climb on me to get anywhere.
  6. I am not a pack mule but I do play one at home sometimes when I attempt to carry everything in the house at one time in order to avoid multiple trips. But I think that just makes me lazy. Lazy or a weight lifter who uses canned goods and produce as weights.
  7. I'm impulsive. Sometimes I go crazy and buy an extra pack of gum. I don't usually by Extra the brand but I buy Trident because it's my favorite.
  8. I do not know all of the light switches in my house. I had the house built I didn't build it myself, but sometimes I still flip the wrong one.
  9. I sing and dance when I mow the yard, but my neighbors already know that.
  10. My weight fluctuates because I either don't have will power to give up ice cream and other desserts forever or I'm lazy or I like to buy different clothes and have no real excuse unless I grow out of them or shrink out of them.
  11. I color my hair because I have gray hair. I also use different colors sometimes for different seasons.
  12. I choose the winner of all sports based on the color of their uniforms. Because A. I know very little about sports. And B. It amuses me especially if I choose correctly.
  13. I don't like to watch television unless I can watch it on DVR because I don't like commercials. I don't have the attention span.
  14. I love to read books but I don't enjoy text books. I believe I could have been quite brilliant in life if I could have learned everything to the tune of a song because those I remember.
  15. I enjoy writing. It's a given. It may be because I like to talk and writing is like talking only on paper and to more people. I am not a public speaker. I'm more of a one on one talker. Crowds make me nervous.
  16. I love dessert. In fact I once went out to eat with a friend and when the waiter came to ask if we wanted dessert I informed him that yes I did want dessert and I had only ordered the meal so I could have the dessert and not feel bad about it.
  17. I don't like peas or lima beans. Cooked. But I do like them cold and on my salad.
  18. I was once in gymnastics as a child. I quit when I fell off the balance beam. I still cannot do a cartwheel and I'm scared of heights.
  19. I like a little bit of coffee with my cream. I am not really a coffee drinker but I have a coffee maker and I drink coffee with so much cream in it, it's unrecognizable.
  20. I love the ocean but do not wish to swim in it. I do not like getting into water that I cannot see the bottom of so this excludes lakes and ponds also.
  21. I dislike the color orange but I like to eat oranges.
  22. I really enjoy the movie Sweet Home Alabama. I watch it every time I find it on T.V. Which is funny because normally I don't watch T.V. Unless it's on DVR and I own the movie but never put in the DVD. I think it's because I like Reese Witherspoon. I think I like her because she reminds me of a younger Meg Ryan.
  23. I have never had sushi, but I am the most experimental with food than most people in my family.
  24. My kids have to work if they want money. They do chores to earn money then are required to save up for the things they want and they have to sort their money so they have some for church and for savings.
  25. I give public service announcements to my friends with young children. I like to warn them that the teenage years are far harder than what they have with younger children. I feel like it's my duty to try and prepare them so they aren't taken off guard.

There are more things I could tell you about myself. But now I'm bored. The thing I am learning is that I have a sense of humor and some people do not have the same dry wit that I see in myself. Also I am becoming less and less concerned whether or not people like me. A lady I once knew, at first came across as not so nice. I couldn't quite get a read on her. I then spent an afternoon scrap-booking with her. She made a statement that I have found to be quite life changing. She said, “I don't know if people like me. I like me. I think I'm fun.” I immediately liked her after that. It was so thought provoking. Imagine! I guess it just struck me because I had never operated that way. As a child I was very concerned with being liked. As an adult I understand that not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. Just as I don't agree with some people. For example people who wear orange when it's not Halloween. I just don't get that. Or people who eat spinach cooked. It's so slimy, it tastes so much better in a salad. I am not sure there are people I really dislike. I try very hard to love everyone like Jesus. Some people are harder than others. That is reality. That is being human. I am human. But what would the world be like if everyone tried to be kind and worried less about whether people liked them and more about just loving people like Jesus?

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