Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Women, Waffle Cones, and Worship

Great speakers, fantastic music, fun with friends, even an surprisingly good lunch. Those are the things you get when you go to Women of Faith.

This my first Women of Faith I invited myself to go. Actually I heard some friends discussing plans at the ballpark and asked where they were going. They said Women of Faith and I said I always wanted to go. So I finagled an invite that way. But seriously I need to do that more often because I had such a good time.

I didn't have to drive, so bonus! Small town girl here likes small town roads. So four girls piled into a Honda and hit the open road to the big city. First stop? Gas station not for gas but for cappuccino. After we had our sustenance we were on our way. Our rebel of a driver had her Garmin all set up to get us to our destination. She ignored the Garmin for the first 45 minutes of the trip. Yet we made it there and found parking.

We had seats on the main floor. We found our seats and learned so much. We need our monkeys. You know friends to keep you from losing your mind? We laughed and we cried. Then we went to get our lunches. They provided our lunch and while we were herded like cattle to get to the food, once we had it, it was quite good. For dinner the first night we went to a restaurant. It was quite good and although they offered a variety of desserts at the restaurant, they did not have Edie's Ice Cream in a waffle cone. So at the facility where they were holding the event we got in line to get our ice cream right as they were taking waffle cones off of the menu. We did get our ice cream but without the homemade waffle cones.

The next day after lunch we decided to try for another Edie's ice cream waffle cone. The other 10,000 (OK maybe it was only 1000) women there decided the same thing. We stood in line for an hour for our ice cream. They had 10,000 women there laughing and crying they needed 10 ice cream stands. And maybe at least five stands with chocolate. They made 300 waffle cones that morning. They ran out of waffle cones so "10,000" women stood in line while they made waffle cones while we waited. Our mouths were watering at the thought of the fresh made waffle cones and ice cream. Here is something we didn't think of. Warm waffle cones and cold ice cream. Ice cream melts more quickly in a warm waffle cone.

One in our group ran down to see Natalie Grant perform. I told her I would get her ice cream and bring it down to her. I tried to wait for the friend who was waiting behind me. Truly I did. But the ice cream you see, it started melting down my hand. So I trotted right down and passed it off to her. Then sat with my own cone like a little squirrel and gobbled it right up. My friends didn't have quite the luck I did with their ice cream. It seemed to kind of explode on them. On the bright side they did buy new t-shirts so it turned out well in the end I think.

We got quite a work out going up and down the stairs. I quite expect that if I hadn't had two ice cream treats over the weekend I might have gotten some toning to the legs over the weekend. As it is I believe I need to do laps on my own stairs to make up for it.

I like to sing. I envision when I'm home alone singing like an angel. I do not sing like an angel. More like perhaps a screech owl? But the women on the stage could sing. Even the six year old girl that sang could sing better than I can. What can I say it's not my gift. But I do love to sing and sing along I did. Even if I didn't know the words. I tried to make a joyful noise. I think it's OK God knows my heart was in it and perhaps to his ears I don't sound so bad.

So a group of women went to Women of Faith. They laughed, they cried, they giggled, they ate waffle cones, and they worshiped. It was a great time and I can't wait to do it all again next year.

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