Monday, June 21, 2010

To Chew or Not to Chew

I have a confession I feel I should bring to light. By in large I'm a relatively tame individual. Aside from the daily jam sessions when the children are in school and the fantasies about Edward from Twilight, my existence is rather mild. I take care of our home, raise our children, help with school parties, have wonderfully planned parties for the children, and try to keep my husband happy with processed food from the Schwann man. I don't drink, you can count on one hand the number of drinks I may consume in one year. I don't smoke or chew tobacco and I've never done illegal drugs, in fact remembering to take prescription medication is something I tend to fail at. But I do have one vice that other may find disgusting, in fact my oldest child is completely repulsed by it.

I am a gum chewer. There I said it. I chew gum and I like it. Trident is my favorite because it has something in it that is actually supposed to be good for your teeth for after meal. I chew gum like smokers have a smoke after a meal. I don't just chew the gum either I blow bubbles. In fact I've been known to stay up later just because I'm enjoying chewing my gum so much. I try to control myself when out in public. I'm not a barbarian after all. But I love it. It makes me feel younger. I imagine I'm a teenage kid again walking around the block chewing bubble gum.

I have fond memories of gum as a child. When I was a kid my great grandmother always had hubba bubba or bubblicious bubble gum waiting for me when I would go to her house. It represents a happier time of childhood.

Perhaps I just have a chewing problem. I wonder what psychologists would say about my incessant chewing? It's a good way to curb hunger. You can chew and chew and not have to worry about getting hungry and eating calories you can't afford to obtain. So in all actuality I'm doing it for health reasons as I'm 15 lbs overweight and if I gain any more weight I can forget about ever wearing a swimsuit this summer. Also if you chew Trident like I said before it has xylitol and is recommended by the ADA so it is good for your teeth as well as a keeping your mind off food making it a win win scenario. Say what you will, say it's a disgusting habit, say that I'm deluding myself, it doesn't matter but hey while you are at the store can you pick me up a pack of gum? I'm running a little low and sweet mint is my favorite. Thanks!

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