Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Theater Loves Me...Sorta

My two youngest children are going to be in the local theater's production of Willy Wonka this summer. We are all VERY excited. This is the first time they have participated in the civic theater so going in we knew nothing about procedures or even really any of the people there. So of course it was extremely exciting when one of them gets a main character role. Tonight I did learn something though. Apparently the length of time it takes me to feel comfortable in the theater around virtual strangers is equivalent to: two auditions and one full read through. Tonight was the second rehearsal and I was talking to people as though we were long lost friends. Perhaps at times they looked at me as though I were the long lost friend they abandoned because they thought I was crazy, but long lost friends nonetheless.

I have spent the week trying to get all my chores done around the house, fit in time individually with each one of the children each day, finish something, anything really (which has yet to happen as the laundry is continuous as is every other chore on the list, as well as any extras), getting ready for rummage, getting 4H projects ready for turning in. I think it's possible given that I'm normally very reserved around people I don't really know that I was just so excited to have some adults to talk to I got a little carried away. I suppose it is possible that other adults do not adapt that quickly with people they hadn't laid eyes on before last week. The upside to all of this given the fact that it is entirely possible that they will all be trying not to sit in my general area, is that I will at least be known for something in the theater that is perhaps not that bad. I could be the overbearing parent wanting their child to be the star and be completely strict on time constraints, or I could be the indifferent parent that acts like they don't want to be there and that it is a waste of my time to even show up, nope not me I'm the parent who thinks we are all new besties and that wants to help with sets and things as the director once said that they may need help with that sort of thing. Oh and the one who may just be crazy. But I'm now known in the theater and in my mind they love me. Who wouldn't? The theater is full of crazy people I should fit right in!

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