Sunday, November 22, 2009

What IF We Could All Do That?

My younger daughter is going to be in a Christmas Program. She decided that she would try out playing her piano. She went in confidently and played a one handed Deck the Halls. After waiting 2 hrs for an audition and after auditioning for approximately 2 seconds she came out smiling. I look at her and say "did you even get to play?" "yes" she says and "I did awesome!" I cannot imagine how "awesome" it could have been as it seemed she went in and walked out. Being the pessimist that I am I announce how proud I am that she tried and that I hope she won't be too disappointed if she doesn't make it. To which she informs me "I'm not worried I just wanted to try it, it doesn't matter either way but I'm telling you I did good." A week later we get an email informing us that they would love to have her.

It was her birthday and she didn't seem surprised at all. She was delighted of course but not at all surprised. After all she has been practicing and now has it down two handed. So here we are another two weeks later and she has her first rehearsal. I ask her how it went. She replies "I was great!" I couldn't be happier with her enthusiasm.

It does make me wonder how many things I would have attempted pass or fail if I would have had an ounce of her confidence and enthusiasm as a child. New things can be so intimidating that I have always been too afraid to fail or even afraid to succeed to be honest. We get so comfortable with the way things are or have always been that we fear what changes would come if we succeed. If we fail it only confirms our deepest fears.

That is what is so amazing about children. They are practically fearless! I think I fear more as I get older. I drive less than I used to, I still won't ride the mini coaster at Kings Island, and I still won't go out after dark if I can help it. Even though I tell my children "it's ok don't you remember what they said on The Big Comfy Couch? The dark is the same as the light except you can't see thru it." So you see it's not always what we can teach our children, sometimes it's what they can teach us!

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