Friday, September 5, 2008

How To Turn A Crap Job Into a Job You Love!

How do you turn a crap job into a job you love you ask? Well here I would like to explain exactly what a crap job to me is. I work two days a week at a crap job so I have some experience. What makes this a crap job is purely and utterly There I said it. I know it I am the only one making myself miserable in this crap job. Or am I? I work ten hours a week in a dead end job where I work with teenagers half my age. You would think I could bring something to the table give them quips and words of wisdom from all my vast experiences. You would think they would take one look at the old lady working beside them and want to do a good job at work. You would think that since I have actually played cards with the boss that they would say to themselves "gee I probably shouldn't be on my facebook page while Im at work with the old lady she may tell the boss man." But NO and do you know why? Because that generation has no respect for their elders (of which I am one of) and no respect for a job well done and apparently we are raising an entire generation that has no idea how to clean anything. I mean come on I expect it from my kids and my husband even. Trash left on the counter, things left on the floor at home. But at work? You best be steppin baby cause the old lady is about to blow her stack.
You are at work you should work. There is plenty to be done and if you cannot find something to do go to the restroom and clean that cause it is lookin mighty rank. Oh and in case you missed the memo on your pay check wear your hat or a hair net. I don't want your hair in my food and neither does anyone else. I let it go the first time the next time I will ask you to put one or the other on your head or I will come back there and make my food myself and show my kids how a person is supposed to take pride in their work.

Ok enough ranting. That my friends is the description of a crap job as described by me. Now how to make your crap job less crappy.
1. Quit (if that is not an option as it isn't one for me either move to number 2)
2. Complain until you either get to quit or get fired. (that one isn't working for me either move to number 3)
3. Plan your take over. I work 2 days a week and have worked for 3 or 4 or 100 weeks now. It doesn't really matter. I have decided the only way to make it through this tragedy is to plan my slow but steady take over. By the time I have finished not only will they respect me and do what I tell them but they will fear me like they should. That place will run like a well oiled machine and I will have the satisfaction of knowing that even though I get paid in pennies I have made it a better place to work for all.
4. You don't want to take over you say? You don't long for hostile takeovers and have a need to reign terror over others? Hmm......Gosh....I guess you need to see number 1.

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