Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fashion Diva or Fashion Faux Pas

Oh how I love fashion. I love fashion so much that I am addicted to Project Runway and What Not To Wear. I love it so much that I changed clothes 3 times before leaving for work this morning. I work with children it shouldn't be that complicated. Yet every morning no matter what the day or where I am going I hear these voices in my head asking me what would Clinton and Stacy think? Of course my shoes are always wrong therefore, I must have at least 60 pairs of shoes to choose from right? Does it count if I get them from payless on bogo? I cannot afford to dress the way I think I should according to Stacy and Clinton I have thought about going to rummage sales and filling my closet with the ugliest clothes I can find so I can be nominated for the show and get the $5000 shopping spree in New York. Can I just tell you that I don't care how childish I sound that would be a dream come true for me. To get to go to New York and spend that much money would be so cool. All those name brands that I only go to EBay and drool over cause I can't buy them there either.
Project Runway I discovered when my cousin was visiting me from another state and now record so as not to miss an episode. I wanted to become a fashion designer or buyer when I was growing up. I design jewelry in my house and sell it to people I already know. Does that count? I doubt it. I think perhaps it makes me a "wannabe". I believe that's what the kids would call it these days. I am of course entirely too old to be this in to fashion. I am a complete embarrassment to my children. And I cringe if someone in my family doesn't match. I have made people in my family change their clothes before we go out.
Oh stop it I hear you. I am not likely to change I refrain myself quite a bit. (sigh) If only there were more hours in the day so I could transform myself into the fashion diva I long to be. Nothing brings me more joy than my children and nothing brings me more entertainment than a good Nicholas Sparks book but nothing and I mean NOTHING delights me more when shopping than finding a good clearance sale. Oh how I love a bargain....

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