Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bras or Haircuts....How do you choose?

Some years ago I wrote about Victoria's Secret.  I couldn't understand why their bras were so expensive.  What made them so special?  Fifty dollars for a bra that no one is likely to see (outside of your husband) seems a bit much you have to admit.  I contemplated different scenarios that would make them more special.  Did they come with free WiFi?  Do the cups automatically adjust to size when you lose or gain weight?  I had a lot of questions and being the bargain shopper I was raised to be, I wasn't likely to ever find out.  Except....after my book came out that covered this topic my husband took a photo copy of that excerpt and put it in a gift bag along with two Victoria's Secret bras for Christmas so I could find out what the hoopla was all about.

I get the hoopla now.  While the bras that he bought me were nice (after I exchanged them for the correct size) it wasn't until just recently that I really realized how nice these bras were.  Did you know that there are bras that you can get to pick the girls up without an underwire and they go on like a sports bra?  Seriously?  Where have these been my entire life?  So comfortable and without making you look flat chested.  It's a miracle in innovation.  I may be in love and I may never wear another bra again.

So obviously I figured it out and I get it now.  Today I have another question on my mind.  What is with the $37 and up haircut?  OK before you jump all over me with the whole "It cost money to be beautiful" and "Beauty is Pain" business let me just say that when I was growing up haircuts were $5.  Imagine the first time I paid $15 dollars for a haircut.  Seriously though I have never paid more than $20 for a haircut.  EVER!  Maybe it is because I'm from a small town in the middle of the Midwest that had one stoplight and was surrounded by cornfields that I don't know about such things.  But let me tell you this, the gal that did my hair for years in the middle of that one stoplight town was fantastic.  I have yet to get a haircut in this giant metropolis that is as good as the haircuts I would get from my girl back home.  In addition to that, where I am from getting a haircut included having it styled afterward.  They never let you out of the chair without looking your best.

I ask because my daughter and I went into a makeup store and didn't realize that they gave haircuts there.  So we went back to check it out and get pricing.  They start at $37 and go up depending on how long they have been there.  The gal said it was not reflective of their skill as they were all good but on the length of time working there and experience.  So...if they all cut hair well and equally as good as the next guy, how can the person who has been there say...5 years get away with charging $70 (hypothetically) and still make money?  If the person who charges $37 is just as good wouldn't most people want to pay less for the same haircut?  How does this make sense?  Please explain this to me like I am four because I just do not understand.

Have they gone to more training?  Is it some kind of prestige thing with working at certain places because of the name?  I don't know what to make of this.  It is my understanding that all of the stylists have to continue to go to training to keep up with new techniques and like a lot of jobs there are always new things to learn.  So why is there such a vast difference in pricing?

I was just wandering.  If you know what I am missing out on let me know.  But let me say this; if I have to save up for these expensive bras that are almost like not wearing anything at all because of comfort, I'm going to need to find another job to save up for expensive haircuts.  Bras or haircuts how do you choose?  Until next time...let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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