Friday, March 28, 2014

Give Peace A Chance

Daphne is working this spring break.  She has a job at the mall.  Last night when she arrived home she asked this question, "what do Amish people have against peace signs?"  What?  Yeah I have no idea.  Which is of course what I said.  Apparently some Amish people came in and were looking at clothing and when they saw they had peace signs on them they just left.  She found this curious as I suppose I would have when I was her age.  I suppose it is a little curious even now but I don't care enough about what other people will or won't wear to worry about it.  Unless of course you are at an amusement park walking around in a bikini and refuse to put clothes on, then I have a problem with you.  I am a firm believer that there is a reason why we have clothes and also that there is a reason why we invented houses (no I don't want to go camping with you) but that's another story.

I love this girl so much because of her curiosity.  Of course she googled it.  As it turns out it isn't a matter of not giving peace a chance so much as it is a matter of vanity.  She felt better about the lack of purchase after that.  She thought it was different and she didn't get it but then she says she doesn't understand Jewish people not wanting to finish the rest of the Bible either so...there's that too.  Her outlook on these things while perhaps a bit misguided are funny. 

People are interesting.  Each one of us made in God's image and yet with different personalities and interests.  It is perfectly natural to be curious about our differences.  I think the key is to learn about others while not losing sight of who we are.  Accepting others is an exercise in tolerance and love.  I also believe that we can love people who are different from us while not agreeing with their choices and beliefs.

What do you suppose keeps us from accepting people who are different than ourselves?  Fear?  I wonder what we stand to lose.  My kids are still young and learning about the world, but it is interesting when it is adults that are not accepting.  Here is what I find interesting.  The very foundation of our country was built on the pursuit of religious freedom.  Yet we cannot say prayer in schools and we cannot have the very mention of God in print or word in government buildings.  Some people are offended by my Christian beliefs and have gone to court to attempt to quiet them and the irony of the situation is that God is so much a part of our country they put God on our money.  "In God We Trust"   And I have not once seen any of these people refusing to spend money. 

I am offended by lots of things as I am sure many of my fellow Christians are.  The difference is this...I am not afraid of their beliefs as much as others are of mine.  It bothers me that people who are sworn to protect what our country stands for are willing to bend and change laws to accommodate people who have a problem with the very things that our country was founded on.  I'm not going to take anyone to court, I'm not going to get into a debate, and I'm not going to make anyone feel like less because they don't have the same beliefs as I do.  Which would be another difference.  I feel it's better if I just speak truth, pray, and leave it up to God to deal with that.

If you want to wear peace signs or a bikini that's your choice.  I think bikinis belong on a beach or by a pool and not around an amusement park.  I may look at you curiously and the mother in me will want to cover you up but it's your choice.  Just like it's my choice to think orange is a horrible color and ranks right up there with the color of baby food peas.  No good can come from it.  A lot of good can come from believing in Jesus but again it is your choice to believe.  Just give me the same courtesy as I choose to give you for your beliefs.  Give peace a chance. 

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