Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Christmas List for People Without a List

The annual Christmas shopping trip with our Sunday school class is this week.  I am so excited I'm about to burst.  I love the opportunity to get together with these wonderful women.  Plus it is great to get a jump on shopping for the holidays.   I even had a dream that I had forgotten and went to work.  I was at work when it occurred to me that it was 9:30 a.m. and I wasn't supposed to be there I was supposed to be in a car with my friends.  I woke up so distraught until I realized what day it was.

I put in a post on facebook to tell friends and family that I needed their Christmas lists by Thursday as the first round of shopping was to take place this week.  I informed them that if I didn't have a list I would buy what I thought they needed.  This got all sorts of ideas flowing through my head for gifts I could give people that they may or may not want.  So I thought I would share some ideas that may be good and may be bad with you.

1.  I could order M&M's in Christmas colors with the person's name on them and make a collage of their face on cardboard.  Who doesn't love a homemade gift?

2.  I could have a star named for them.  Sure to my knowledge none of them have a telescope to find the star in the night sky but they would have a cool piece of paper to frame with where to find said star. 

3.  I could buy nail polish in various colors and make a chart for which color to wear for each of their moods.  Pink for perky, blue for sad or blue, black for mad, red for feisty, that way the general public would know what they were dealing with.  They could pass out pocket charts for their friends and family.

4.  I could get them a notepad so they could write the script for what they want people to say to them.  That way they always hear what they want instead of the truth or in some cases what they think they hear.  They make out the script for the conversations they want to have.  Give a copy to the person they are having the conversation with and everyone walks away without getting mad.  (You know people like this, right?)

5.  I could make a donation to a worthy cause in your name.  (I love this for the person who has everything)

6.  I could buy days of the week underwear.  That way you are sure to never wear the same pair twice in a row.  (This is especially good for kids. Plus they learn the days of the week and how to read them.)

7.  I could get you frog socks.  Not just any frog socks but I might find them that make your legs look like frog legs.

8.  I could could pull what my kids sometimes do to me.  I could get you what I want then ask to borrow it, then just take over said item leaving me with just what I wanted and you with nothing.

9.  I could buy you cleaning items.  Laundry soap, dusting supplies, dish soap, etc.  Because what everyone wants are things they can actually use right?  Or (this is where a script comes in handy) you could take it not as intended that I think you need to clean your house.

10.  I could rescue an animal at the pound and put a big red bow around it's neck and a card saying this animal told me it wanted to come live with you.  Enjoy!

As you can see if you have specific things you want for Christmas, it's a good idea to give me a list.  You have no idea what I might come up with.  I could get your kid a drum set and you ear plugs.  But whatever I get for anyone I will be sticking to my budget.  I will not go into debt for anyone on my list.  Which makes me think maybe I will just get everyone a Dave Ramsey book... or maybe...

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