Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween, Orange and Other Nonsense

If you were to ask me what holiday I like least the answer would always be Halloween. Yes I like candy but I can buy my own candy at the store and avoid passing it out to strangers. I just do not understand why it's acceptable to dress up like the living dead and walk through the streets of town scaring small children and well … me. Plus what is with the knocking on strangers doors and begging for food. They aren't starving and you try to give them an apple and they will likely toilet paper your house. The decorations are just as bad. I spend half my year trying to get spider's webs off of my porch as they seem to think they belong there. Why on earth would I go buy artificial ones to decorate my house. Eww!

When I was a little girl I wanted to go trick or treating like all of the other little kids. My mother would take me to the houses she knew. In kindergarten I was invited to a little boy's Halloween party. As I liked this little boy very much my mother took me to the party. We had no sooner started up the walk to the door when someone in a scary costume jumped out at us. It scared me to death. To this day I remember nothing else about the party. I don't even remember if I stayed for it or went home scared. After that my mother would take me out trick or treating but it soon lost it's appeal and I stopped going very early.

Another problem is the colors. Orange and black? Really? I own one orange shirt that I break out for October. It doesn't have a pumpkin or any other foolishness on it. I do not wear clothing with pumpkins or Christmas trees or Easter bunnies on them because I am over the age of eight. Orange is for pumpkins. Put it with black and I may have a physical reaction. I have to give myself pep talks to buy anything orange for anyone in my family. Why anyone would want to look like a pumpkin is beyond me. Plus as Elle Woods would tell you “whoever said that orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed.”

I am the mother of three. I have sucked it up and taken them trick or treating since they were babies. Mostly because they like it and they usually share the chocolate with me. We only go to our neighbor's houses and then we go to our church for the community outreach party they have every year. It feels a little less wrong when we go to the church. I do not allow any scary costumes and one year my husband and I dressed up with the girls. It really was because I had such a great idea for our costumes that it seemed a waste not to do it. I was pregnant with our son at the time and due the next month actually. When I was pregnant for our middle child I had been in a wedding. So I wore my bridesmaids costume with my great grandmothers tiara. I went as the pregnant cheerleader and my husband wore his Purdue basketball jersey and went as the ball player that got me pregnant. OK so it's a little mean. But it was funny right? A couple of 30 year old's dressing up like teenagers? No? What do you want for me I was eight months pregnant and 30 years old, I was getting testy. We did have a good time and we got our own candy that year because some of the houses got it and thought it was funny.

As we approach 40 and that baby I was pregnant for is going on nine and the only one trick or treating, I can't help but think maybe there are some good parts to the holiday after all. I mean every year our town has a pumpkin walk and the church has a chicken and noodle dinner. On the pumpkin walk you can get homemade kettle corn. If for no other reason the food is pretty good. Plus I think I will miss the excitement on my son's face when he gets a regular sized candy bar instead of a fun sized one. So maybe it's not my favorite but at least it's one time of year and I'm not really required to decorate. The kids put up decorations and take them down the day after. After all, if I won't wear orange I don't want it to be a focal point in my house either.

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