Friday, March 11, 2011

Is It Really Grey Hair Or Is It White Gold?

As I was getting ready for the day today I was doing the morning ritual of checking my hair for new grey hair. This may seem odd to you but as I know I am in need of a color job I check daily to see what new surprises await me. As I was inspecting for new grey growth it occurred to me that they really didn't look grey at all. More like silver, but wait! That's not silver at all I hear whispered, it's white gold!

Perhaps you don't have conversations in the morning with God while getting ready but I do. In fact some of our best conversations happen in the restroom because it is sometimes the only place I can go without interruptions or distractions. I don't do my bible study at the kitchen table because all I will be able to focus on is the dirty dishes in the sink. If I try at my desk the computer is there and I wonder if I have email or I see the stacks of pictures waiting to go into albums. So I do my bible study in my bedroom where there isn't anything to distract me from my time with God. I also fully believe that if He has something to say to me it's best if I can give my full attention.

So this morning while doing my morning hair inspection, I was thinking about how I was blonde as a child. I was thinking also about how as with all the children in our family our hair gets gradually darker as we get older. Mine however, got very dark after I had my second child. So dark in fact that my mother asked me what I was putting in my hair to make it look like that and to stop immediately. I was twenty five at the time and had never put color in my hair as I explained to her and she then informed me that perhaps it was time that I started. Thus beginning a decade long relationship between me and various hair colors and a love of trying new things just so people like my mother wouldn't get too attached to one particular color or style. The way I figured it was that if it was ever changing, I would never have to hear anyone say that perhaps it was time to try something new. I was feeling a bit disgruntled while looking at the sparklers in my hair when I noticed that they were more the color of my rings instead of the color of my shirt.

It occurred to me with a little prodding I believe from God, how it was that I came to earn the new found sparklers. I've been married for almost 16 years now and we have two teenage daughters and an eight year old son who is quite possibly too brilliant for his own good. My children are more valuable to me than the finest of gold or the greatest of treasures. I believe that's how God sees us as well. He gave me these treasures of HIS to take care of and I was thinking perhaps instead of thinking of them as grey hairs that are troublesome, I should think of them as white gold a sort of badge of honor.

Of course I'm proud of my badges of honor. But I'm pretty sure that God will be ok if we keep them just between Him, Me, and the Hairdresser. After all just like some gifts we give and/or are given they are best done or known about in secret. So I think I'll be covering up the white gold even if I'm proud of what they represent, there really is no need to make others jealous. Don't you think?

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