Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharks Don't Swim In My Pool

If you jump into the ocean, you need to be aware of the sharks. This is the thought that occurs to me as I sit in my pajamas and consider the twists and turns of life. Several years ago I thought it would be a good idea for me to enter the work force. I went to work in a bank briefly then left to get my real estate license. I took a two week course and passed the test the first time. I'm not sure that that is a big accomplishment or not, but it did unnerve my mother as she was taking a longer course to get her license also. I was a real estate agent for about five minutes. Turns out I couldn't keep my head above water with the sharks circling.

My problem being that I'm not competitive. OK I take that back I'm competitive to an extent. If I'm playing Boggle will I let the kids see my paper or help them win? No. Will I play certain games and not stop until I finally win? Absolutely. This however, does not always carry over into other aspects of my life. When watching a sporting event I sometimes cheer for the opposing team. I forget I'm not supposed to do that. Real estate however, is a very competitive sport. One I got out of before I was either eaten by or made a part of the pack that was circling the waters.

In a small town there aren't enough properties to go around for everyone to play nice. I choose to play nice. So I stay home and watch my cats bathe and fight for Alpha rights. I think it's OK to be competitive to an extent but I think it should be based on kindness and hard work. I have met some on both ends of the spectrum. My mother was a real estate agent until cancer took it away from her. She had a lot more patience than I did when it came to these things. She would go about her business and try her best for those who trusted her. She didn't care if she was a multimillion dollar producer as long as the clients in question ended up with a home. She ran herself ragged.

As I look around I'm thankful for the experience. I appreciate my life more because of it. I prefer to be able to see the bottom of the waters I swim in and the only stroke I know well is the doggy paddle. Swimming with sharks isn't for me. My home, with these people who I laugh with, cry with, and have the best times with, is where I belong. Besides my "work" wardrobe cannot be beat. And the sharks? Well sharks don't swim in my pool, which I can use any time as one of the perks of my job.

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