Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello Starbucks! Have We Met?

How you should probably order at Starbucks: I would like a tall, nonfat, sugar free, cinnamon dolce cappuccino, no whip, extra cinnamon. How I order at Starbucks: Yes give me something not too fattening that is warm and taste good please. Worker: OK so you want a skinny? Me: Yes I want to be skinny! Worker: What size? Me: Oh give me a medium I guess (holds hands up to show size I want) Worker: roles eyes and says: What flavor? We have skinny capaccinos in Mocha, Carmel, Dolce, and Hazelnut. Me: hm mm they all sound so good. What do you recommend? Worker: (while rolling eyes and thinking that I should have gone to McDonald's where I can get coffee without all the choices) Well ma'am the dolce is cinnamon and is very good if you like that or you could go with, mocha if you like chocolate that is always a safe bet. Me: hmm they all sound good, can you mix them? Worker (with red face and ready to quit and get a job at McDonald's where life is easier) Sure ma'am what would you like to mix? Me: hm...I don't know what do you recommend? (worker starts shooting steam out of ears and I get frightened) Me: OK OK I know give me a mocha and Carmel mix. Worker: ok that s a"grande skinny mocha Carmel cappuccino" Me: wow it sounds so fancy when you say it like that! Thanks!

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