Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's That Time Of Year Again!

Oh yeah! Can you feel it? It is almost time. I love it! It is almost time for our family Christmas pictures. I love picture day. It is my Christmas. One day out of the entire year where everyone smiles and at the same time no less. Isn't it great? Then you have those pictures to look at through out the year and a reminder that one day. Perhaps it was the only day or one of the only days where everyone smiled at the same time. Everyone looks happy. No one looks mad or upset or disgruntled in any way. Everyone looks like the pictures of the families in the picture frames at the store.

I'm not sure when this day became my favorite day of the year. Perhaps when I realized that no matter how hard I tried my family was never going to be a sitcom on TV. We are not the Brady Bunch. I don't even have that many children. It feels like it sometimes, granted, but I don't. I love my family and I am proud of it. I have no works of great art or really many pictures of any kind in my house. I have family pictures. My kids pictures are plastered all over the house. They are my works of art. They are amazing creatures really and the thought that I had anything whatsoever to do with getting them here is almost unfathomable. God is good! No scratch that God is AMAZING! Think I'm wrong? Look around. Look at your children look at the trees and the bees and the butterflies. Think you had anything to do with any of it? Think again! God gave these amazing gifts to you and you didn't even have to ask for most of them. I realize that I am just a vessel a means to an end if you will. Sure I carried them for nine months and fed them and love them and care for them always. But God has a plan for them far beyond what I can possibly conceive of.

So you can have your Mona Lisa's and any other works of art. I prefer to have pictures of the gifts God has given to me all around me so when they are not home I can look at them and marvel any time I choose. God is good!

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