Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Son The Preacher Man

I just love my son. He is five years old and everyday I am reminded that not only am I not "Smarter Than a 5Th Grader" but I am also not smarter than a five year old. My grandmother says he is the next Billy Graham. He may very well be. Last year my grandfather had a stroke and was very ill while he was in the hospital my grandmother was as you would expect very distraught. My son listening to our conversation interrupts to tell her "you don't need to worry about grandpa God is with him and don't worry about being alone He is with you too." Grandpa eventually went to be with Jesus.

He always makes sure we say our mealtime prayer no matter where we are. At Christmas at my grandmother's house everyone was getting their food and he says to my grandma "Isn't anyone going to bless this food?" So my aunt said a prayer so everyone could eat.

So last week he is drawing pictures because he is "such a little artist" as he says and he draws a picture with two paths. One leads to a sign that says Go the other leads to a sign that says Stop. He says to me "mommy do you know how to get to heaven?" I said "yes but why don't you tell me anyway" He says "look at my picture there are two paths one leads to the sign that says go, the other leads to the sign that says stop." I said "yes I see that." He said "well mom if you take this path here you believe in Jesus and you get to go to heaven." I said "OK" He said "if you take this other path you don't believe in Jesus and you have to stop and you don't get to go to heaven do you know where you go?" I said "tell me" He said "well you don't go to heaven I can tell you that"

So this week I went to a spa party and my husband was home with the children. My son was playing and interactive bible game on the TV. He goes into the kitchen and asks for a piece of bread. My husband says "sure do you want some butter or peanut butter on it?" He says "no just the bread" So my husband gets it for him and then my son asks "Could I have some wine or no sorry juice" My husband looks into the fridge and says "we have orange juice or Hawaiian Punch" My son says "OK Hawaiian Punch will work" He proceeds to hold his bread and juice look down and pray and take his version of communion in our kitchen.

My son, if only everyone could have your faith. He also likes to inform me that even though he loves me a lot he loves Jesus and God best. Keep shining that light son keep shining that light so that all the world will see HIM through you.

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